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Failure to tender an issue, but without a remedy.

I ordered a Nescafe shake from FamilyMart at the UP Town Center last night. When I got the cup I walked to the dispenser to fill it up. What came out, however, was a shake but how it would look like after a few hours under the sun. The drink was just coffee with ice, sugar, and milk. I asked the cashier about it and told him that this was not a shake. He answered, “Yun nga lang, sir x x x” I think any law student would agree that his answer miserably failed to tender an issue. But these are the answers we get everyday from people in authority. We are beset by a sheer inability to tender straight answers to real questions. Also yesterday on the radio, someone was talking about the power generation issue in Mindanao and that the necessary equipment, despite being in the pipeline last year, was only going to arrive in another two months time. Summer would be over by then, assuming it gets here on time. How crazy can you get with this? It’s just nonsense.

After it all, I just kept the watery shake. What was the point in complaining over a P30 purchase. The cashier offered to put ice in my cup which only got me to shake my head. People really do not get the point: I came in looking for a shake and I get a watery cup of coffee. To remedy that, he gives me ice. GIVE ME A SHAKE! Sigh. Welcome to the Philippines.