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Tramps like us, baby we were born to run

During all those last weeks I spent there, there was a peculiar evil feeling in the air — an atmosphere of suspicion, fear, uncertainty, and veiled hatred. Nothing was happening as yet, I myself had not even any mental picture of what was going to happen; and yet there was a perpetual vague sense of danger, a consciousness of some evil thing that was impending. However little you were actually conspiring, the atmosphere forced you to feel like a conspirator. You seemed to spend all your time holding whispered conversations in corners of cafes and wondering whether that person at the next table was a police spy.” -George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia

“Do you trust me?” Shogo asked.

Trust: such a tricky issue. I was going over the opening quotations of Takami’s Battle Royale and two of them made it to this entry. Battle Royale always gets me – classmates, friends, students all thrown into an island with random weapons and told to kill each other. Would you do it? The question always pops up as I read and it stretches my imagination. Would you trust him? Who can you trust these days? On Boys Night Out a few days ago, the topic was about cheating (as if TV and film have not exhausted it enough already). Do you believe in second chances? Some answered yes, no, or the interesting qualified yes (yes but only for one time! No 3rd chances). But if second chances were all right, what makes the third chance any different? Sometimes I’m amazed at how ready some callers were with their 3rd chance cut-off policy. It seems rational but I have my doubts that cold rationality is what is at its core. Maybe it is just easier to trust people when we are ignorant of their real flaws. And the more people fail, the more real their flaws become. So every successive chance becomes a bigger risk…and what is the reward? Good question. Would you trust him? Doubt can crop up like weeds and what was once the rock of certainty turns to shifting sands. If only we were like Shogo, Shuya, and Noriko. Tramps like us, baby we were born to run. ~