Death of a roach

A roach crawled into my bathroom this morning. It measured about two inches and was wholly disgusting. I don’t know why the sight of roaches trigger those sensations. They just look damned awful. Luckily for me it wasn’t airborne. In fact it was dead still – which gave me ample time to briskly walk to the kitchen to find the Baygon. At last I found it. Armed with a full can of roachkiller spray, I made my way back into the fray. The roach was right where I left it – just at the corner of the shower door. I fixed the spout of the Baygon spray and configured it to fire in a stream (as opposed to a mist for mosquitoes). I squeezed the button and jet of white liquid shot out of the spray and covered the roach. It came alive. Despite being covered in Baygon spray, it managed to crawl to the wall behind a stack of drawers. This roach knew how to find cover. After moving the stack aside, I aimed the spray and squeezed a second time. Another jet of white death rained on the roach, which was now on its back. It was still alive. Its legs were still twitching until bit by bit the Baygon spray kicked in and the twitching gradually halted into a dead stillness.

It was a strange sensation to watch that roach die. I wondered what was in that Baygon spray to kill insects. After a quick google search, I found out that the spray actually had some neurotoxins that caused spasms on insects. Perhaps it was of the strength of the spasms that caused the roach to flip over on its back while it slowly attacked the roach’s neurosystem. Life to death in a few seconds. The whole episode struck me. To think that chemists in a lab created that neurotoxin that killed the roach. Remind me not to mess around with chemical engineers. (!)


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