Brewing coffee

It was the memory of rain that came to me as I scooped the roasted coffee beans and poured them into the burr grinder. The sound they made as they slid along the plastic walls reminded me of the rainmaker back home in Cebu. It made me feel safe. I closed the lid and punched the button and the grinder came to life with a roar. Bit by bit the smell of freshly ground coffee beans rose up and filled the kitchen.

It was the first time I was making a blend of coffee beans. For the longest time I had always stuck to one kind of bean – either the Moka ones that my dad brought from Vietnam, the Barako beans from the grocery, or (on those chance occasions) Arabica beans. This time I tried a 50% Moka and 50% Arabica just as an experiment and because I was curious. After the grinder had finished, the ground coffee aroma had already filled the room. A couple of minutes, two tablespoons of the fresh grounds and a big mug of water into the drip came next. What follows after is either I take the coffee black or I add a little cream and sugar. As to why I would choose one or the other, I don’t know. There’s a system for making coffee all up to this point. The rest is guesswork or a flip of a coin. But hey, this works for me.

For once, though, I could take a breather in brewing coffee. Back in 2nd year my torts professor mentioned in class that the most interesting subjects had all been taken already in freshman year and that the rest would get progressively more boring. More than a year later I wouldn’t quite say that it was boring, but that it was absurd. As the chore of bar review and graduation loom in the future, I wouldn’t say things have gotten boring but just increasingly more absurd and perverse. Some profs are still out to get us as if they were the incarnations of Phobos and Deimos. Others are trying to preserve some kind of dying culture of excellence that we millenials just can’t help but fuck up. Others just lecture all of class time and share jokes. And yet the same students still have roughly the same results come the departmental exam. A 5-unit class assigns a hundred or so cases while a 3-unit class assigns over 300 and allows only handwritten notes. I would complain but nothing would change anyway (you know us millenials ha ha).


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