Rain always feels out of place during the summer months. It is much more like an uninvited guest or one who arrives much earlier than its time and leaves just as abruptly. In the midst of the unrelenting heat, the gentle sound of raindrops splashing onto the pavement and the cool breeze that flies in my window every now and then only reminds me of those cold December nights when I could sleep with just an electric fan and even with a blanket. But that brief respite from the heat is not everything. The rain has always had a serene effect on me whenever I gaze out my window on the tenth floor and count the puddles forming below. In the background of it all are the sporadic flashes of light that are followed shortly by the rumble of thunder off in the distance. The atmosphere that follows is serene and contemplative.

In just a few weeks, I will conclude my second year in law school. I will be halfway to graduation and taking the Bar exam. Time does fly by so fast. So many things have changed since I entered law school. I have always admired people who can keep up with current issues in society and who could take the time to follow them. Maybe it was fate that the reason I listen to AM radio now is just so I can test my knowledge in political and civil law (and maybe labor law too). In the end (or rather in the middle), for better or worse I am still happy to be studying the law and that is probably more than one could ask for in any given situation.

Here’s to hoping for a good performance in finals week.


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