The need for art.

Midterms are over. Yesterday in Civil Procedure, we got the answers and, unsurprisingly, I did not get everything correct. It is frustrating precisely because they were mostly not errors of reasoning but merely some provision out there that I overlooked. Well, I guess there will always be some bits of information that slip through the net. In the bar questions there are always these alternative answers and I just hope that that’s the same case in our tests. I posted this video of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D because it just reminds me of the need for art in our lives. There is a deep desire to create and I find that, day after day, that is exceedingly hard to reconcile as a student of law here right now in the Philippines. What are the avenues to nurture a student’s creativity and moral fiber? (Again I ask what is the grand manner anyway?) Last time I checked those were integral values in a lawyer. Lawyers should be the vanguards of reason, capable of uncompromising dedication to truth and justice. This, however, is hardly the case. The recent allegations of corruption in the Court of Appeals with Binay paying for a TRO is just the tip of the iceberg. To call those sporadic glimpses of under-the-table deals as corruption merely obfuscates the real issues. Those are merely the fruits of corruption while the roots of the tree largely remain invisible, roots that take hold not at the professional level but at the beginning – the educational institutions. Perhaps another blog is required for this corruption issue.


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