Student’s log #1 – 16 Mar 2015

This marks the first entry of the log. The past few days have left with me the impression that the need to write down one’s thoughts is almost indispensable for keeping sane. The purpose of the log, if not only for my own sanity, is to shed some light on what goes on inside law school from the eyes of a student. This is far from any glorification of the grandeur of studying law, that is for certain, but to exorcise certain ghosts that haunt the minds of outsiders as regards law school life. If at all, the next few entries might tilt more to that of a eulogy. This is merely a specific account, like an eyewitness report obviously tainted with bias (the bias of one’s perspective), and nothing like a general pronouncement.


It is the week of midterms and the pressure is building. I have Labor Relations and Agency this week. The former is something I can hardly understand but study anyway because it is for the Bar. The latter, however, is only disturbing insofar as the prof is concerned. All we did was talk about a few cases and looked at codal provisions. “What happened in this case? x x x What’s the rule?” Is that going to be the same in the test? Or are we going to be fucked over by questions from commentators which we never read? It surprises me how profs lull us in to thinking we know something by answering obscure questions from reading commentators when, seen as a source of law, they hardly mean anything at all. “You’re client won’t care what —- says x x x he wants to know the law,” as one of my previous profs said.

Last week I took part in another interpersonal fiasco. The sheer inability of a number of people to deal with conflict is reaching quite alarming levels. The trait of honesty has been subordinated, so it seems, to a culture of ‘nice’. The former a virtue and the latter a meaningless word since people who are nice seldom in reality are. Society does not need more nice people. In fact, it needs less of them. Desperately.

It was also in the past week that an age old Spanish proverb occurred to me: “One who gossips to you, gossips about you.” It was only in law school how I figured out how damaging the effects of gossip were in terms of personal relationships, specially those among people kept in proximity over long periods of time. Perhaps others have yet to learn that there are consequences for every thing that comes out of one’s mouth. It was written that it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles us (Mt. 15:11). Ignorant are they of the damage they have caused and continue to cause. But they have no excuse.


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