Last of summer.

Tomorrow marks the last day of The Long Summer. I have to admit: four months of downtime make it feel like being a freshman again. However, after actually seeing the new batch of freshman maybe I’ll reconsider that assertion. Just last Saturday was the orientation day for the freshmen which we, as sophomores, were bound to sponsor. There was a whole bunch of new things and same things: new faces with the same looks, same faces with new looks, same faces with the same looks, and (the most interesting) new faces with new looks. It has been four months since the block (well, most of the block that is) came together in one room. It was as much a re-orientation in the block as it was an orientation for the freshies. It was fascinating though how some people stayed the same. My old theology professor’s words ran through my head: that we never change, we just become more of who we are. Well, nothing we can do about that.

There was a weird feeling during the freshmen orientation. It was close to a mix of nostalgia with a little dab of awe and wonder – like in the movies when the main character suddenly realizes something while the camera pans around him dramatically in slow motion. It was my own freshman orientation day – the one that happened a little more than a year ago with the sophomores then doing the same silly things we were doing. Sappy nostalgic feels aside, it was more like that realization of being part of something – tradition? How many sophomore batches came before us that did the exact same shit we we’re doing? Can we just break into the Tradition song from Fiddler on the Roof?

Oh, law school. It’s good to be back though.


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