Reality incoming.

Only three weeks to go before school starts. It’s almost unreal – like some bad dream that you just want to wake up from. Since UP had the academic calendar shift, the summer of 2014 had an extra two months of vacation. Imagine vacationing for a third of a year. This is the year of The Long Summer. Freshman year now seems like an eternity ago. I could remember how in The Two Towers when Gandalf the White’s response to hearing his name again, “Gandalf? Oh yes. Gandalf the Grey. That was what you used to call me.” Law student – yes that was what I used to be. In many ways this long summer comes as a blessing and a curse. It was a much needed break from school but four months is quite a lot of time almost an unnatural amount of time. The habits are actually what concerns me. All those habits forged out of the furnaces of freshman year might well have dulled and rusted throughout the four months. All I’m hoping for is that all the bad habits have gone out too.

Three weeks. The days leading up to the first day of class are always mixed with excitement and fear. We should have been desensitized already after how many recitations we have been through. It takes some strange mix of recklessness, brilliance, and insanity to remain calm in the face of class and meeting the new professors. They are the enemy. I can picture them sharpening the edges of their swords to hack us into pieces and impale us on spikes during class time. Yet, we respond in our usual fashion as law students:


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