Hey June

In the wake of fallen leaves and violet afternoon skies, the month of June finally arrives to mark the end of summer and the beginning of the rainy season. The skies are cloudy more often now. While the clouds do their part in shielding me from the piercing heat, the humidity these days more than compensates for their discomfort. It is a sticky heat and the discomfort is having the sweat fail to evaporate and just cling to the skin. Sometimes I’m not sure which is worse.

Lo and behold, though. Not all the grades have been posted yet. I should be surprised at the total and utter lack of respect the administration has for deadlines and timetables. I should be surprised. But more and more I get the picture that a punctual administration is really the exception rather than the rule. This reminds me of one test I took in my first semester where it started nearly an hour late and strictly ended on time. Of course, they had to be punctual about that. Definitely, in the middle of finals week these freshmen have more important matters to attend to. The staff also have the good sense to give different, nearly conflicting,  information to different students on the same issue. Oh because you know law students: always hungry for a treasure hunt. Yippee!  There’s a world of difference between hiding the truth and giving the wrong information! They’d never lie to us, no! They know how much we love sifting through opinions and assumptions especially when it could mean our future in the legal profession. Oh how trivial! How thoughtful of them. The fine men and women are also so thoughtful as to prefer personal, human contact in order to know a grade which could easily be given over the phone or email. In a digital world where everything is so impersonal, they would prefer a student to travel all the way from his provincial home to ask them face-to-face for their grade. Of course we know why: the Grand Manner is all about touching lives, reaching out and making a personal relationship between people. It’s the relationship that matters: how every soul that walks into these halls actually has more value than those cockroaches crawling around the floor. It isn’t just about cutting down freshmen to fill up a quota. No! That’s preposterous! Moreover, with gas prices at an all time low these days, travelling has never before been so easy. It is comforting to know that in the wake of terror that goes on between the administration and professors, there is still some bastion in The Hall where people still care. They would schedule final exams past the last day of the school calendar and have us cancel our vacations just to have us stay a bit longer. How sweet of them.

Cheers to them! The Others! Working silently in the background, ever the stalwart companion of students. Where would we be without their unwavering support? They prove that the business of a law school is not merely to teach law. Most definitely.


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